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Square is the new Smooth

There is, at long last, light at the end of the tunnel. And this time I don't mind if the tunnel has two feet of break to it.

I've been wandering in the golf wilderness that is putter selection for years now, trying over and over to find the right flat stick for me. Big names, new tech, and lots of trial and error (oh, the errors). It was a story that repeated itself: find something new, try it out and see a glimmer of hope, get let down in the long run.

But now I've been able to square the circle, all thanks to my discovery of T Squared Putters.

The Buffalo, N.Y.-based company is an up-and-coming boutique putter manufacturer that I came across one night while searching for putters online. I knew nothing about them apart from what I found on their website & social media, so that led me to send an email in with some questions.

Zachary Kuzara got back to me and began to help me paint a picture of what I wanted. I had a few specific requests: 36" total length, midsize pistol grip, even weight distribution. Looking through the company's model selections was like finding out Christmas is now a week-long event because everything is customizable (within reason).

After a lot of going back and forth -- something that was inevitable for me since I couldn't physically hold the putters in my hands -- I selected the TS 713i model. With a 360 gram head weight, the putter uses 303 US Stainless steel, 6061 aircraft aluminum and teflon tucked in behind the face, all of which Kuzara says gives the putter its 'solid yet soft' feel. I had some specifications for the paint job and overall appearance, and then the waiting game began.

And then .... wow.

I was stunned by how great the putter looked when I got it -- all blacked out with green highlights. The Flat Cat pistol grip just felt like it melted into my hands, making me believe the putter was now an extension of my arms. The weight was perfect, prompting a smooth pendulum swing every time.

For as much as I was drooling over its looks, the acid test came days later when I arrived at the Seaforth Golf Club. Despite the early-ish tee time, the greens were playing fast, giving me the perfect testing ground.

And once again ... wow.

The average golfer usually takes 34-35 putts per round, and I count myself in that group. I also usually sprinkle in a few 3-putts if I'm not careful, but not this time. When all was said and done, I counted 26 putts for my round. What I loved most about that was the nine straight one-putts I put on the card, and before you go thinking they were all kick-in chippies I can tell you they weren't. On average, I was faced with putts in the 8-12 foot range with at least one cup of break.

Each time I lined up a putt, I could feel my confidence growing. The backswing and follow-through was executed with liquid-like smoothness, and that made me think of what Kuzara told me about the process.

"Once we determine what a player wants, each putter and its associated parts are milled specifically for that player in high-precision CNC mills," he said. "Our putters are built, not bent."

Oh man, that smoothness! I found myself not overthinking any of my reads on the greens because I wasn't worried about how the putter was going to feel at any point during the swing. And that gave me the most important feedback of all: if this putter could make me this confident every time, I could play more fearlessly and really attack pins.

Kuzara told me that T Squared Putters has a few players with their wares in use on various mini tours as well as a number of local PGA pros. That doesn't really surprise me, because you get big in golf mostly through word of mouth. What would surprise me in the long run is if T Squared Putters doesn't find its way into the bag of a major champion on the PGA tour -- they're that good. It would be nothing short of criminal if more pros don't load one of these sticks up and give it a good run.

Find out more about T Squared Putters or start your custom creation by going here, and make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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